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Annie lennox LETTER

esto es lo que puso Annie en su blog

dice q nunca visitó Argentina!


me mueroo!!


So...I’ve been to Berlin several times over the last few decades...

November 3rd 2010
So...I’ve been to Berlin several times over the last few decades...since the Seventies, when the wall snaked it’s way between East and West, defining the tension between the Iron curtain. At that point,  the city of West Berlin was a beleaguered  island, surrounded by Eastern Germany. It almost seems inconceivable today. But twenty years after the fall of the wall, everything has changed.

The one thing I feel I don’t have enough of in my life is ”time”....Time to do so many more things than one life can experience in one body. If I had more time I’d go to Berlin, and visit all the museums and art galleries and places of historic interest..and I’d love to experience Washington, Paris, Rome.....( don’t even get me started!)

I’ve never been to Pompeii, or Nagaland, or Argentina....or Machu Pichu, or the Grand Canyon, or Mongolia, Romania, Istanbul, Egypt, China, Tibet, Iceland, Greenland.....India....To be frank, I could really do with a massive gap year..or many gap years, to sort of “fill in “ the gaps..But that could be never ending!

Just imagine if they could invent an incredible 3D over view/inner view of the world, where we could see everything taking place in the  entire globe at a glance, including everybody’s story lines..the past present and future. What would “reality“ look like then? A giant cosmic soap opera perhaps?

Honestly..I think we have our own blinkered versions of what we hold “reality” to be...and we forge ahead with that, expecting everyone else to follow in the footsteps of what is commonly deemed to be “right”... And so it goes..I’m “right” you’re “wrong”...the perfect recipe for eternal conflict and human tragedy. In a dumbed down culture of any type, it’s not a great picture to be honest...Next step..growing my own carrots and potatoes and going back to the land...who’s got green fingers amongst us?? A handy resource in future times I’m sure!!!!

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