miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010

Alison Goldfrapp's Mum passed away

Ayer 20 de julio Alison posteó que su mamá falleció,

 Oh dear Alison, I'm so sorry, my condolences for you,

En el blog este es el mensaje que dejó


20th July 2010

Hello everyone

Sorry i haven't posted for a while but i've been lying low as very sadly my mum passed away. It's been quite hard to keep focused and it's been rather strange carrying on touring but I'm doing what I love to do and my gorgeous band mates have all been very supportive.

We had a really amazing time in america and mexico and we're really enjoying the festivals here in europe. You've made it so special and memorable for us !

We've just come back from Melt Festival in Germany whch was great fun and in a lovely location. We swam in the lake after the show which was heaven !

Cant wait for the next gigs. I'm stopping off in Hong Kong on my way to Australia, I've never been there before so I'm really looking forward to seeing the city. I've already booked a restaurant (my stomach loves to plan ahead!).

For those who are coming to the itunes festival I hope you enjoy the show.

Lots of love and catch up soon



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